Thursday, 1 November 2012

Issue 2 of 'Plaything of Sutekh' out now!

Issue 2 of Plaything of Sutekh is now available.

It features:-
·      Five Star! – a look at 2012’s new episodes which saw the return of the Weeping Angels and the departure of Amy and Rory. We also have a short Q&A with new series director Saul Metzstein.
·      Coming of Age – a look at Season 18 when Doctor Who came of age and got told to grow up by JNT.
·      Opening the Gate – David Rolinson dodges a few Gundans to unravel one of Season 18’s finest stories, Warriors' Gate.
·      Tardis Radio – Oliver Wake looks at the untransmitted pilot radio episode featuring Peter Cushing from the mid 60s.
·      Strip for the Doctor – the Doctor materialises in the pages of Countdown in the early 70s. Richard Farrell looks at the work of Harry Lindfield and Gerry Haylock on the Doctor Who comic strip and examine their influences and source of reference.
·      Secret Who  – Time to dust off the oil lamp as we take a fresh look at an underrated story, 1974’s Death to the Daleks.
 ·      DWDVD – John Connors reviews the recent DVD releases - Ace Adventures, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and The Ambassadors of Death. It's his moral duty.
·      Are You a Good Doctor Who Villain? – take our test to see whether you’re really up to subjugating entire universes.

The issue is 40 A5 pages, fully illustrated with colour covers and b/w interior.

To order, please send a Paypal payment (via or to
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Price, including P&P (sorry we can’t do anything about the postage rates!):

    * UK: £2.25
    * Elsewhere in Europe: £4.50
    * Outside Europe: £5.50

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